siena sewon jun

makes movies.

Siena Sewon Jun

makes movies.


Protozoa Eat Me (2023)

In a sweltering backwater town, Oscar, a gold miner, meets a travelling researcher, Ira.
Although she comes from a different world, she speaks his language. Oscar falls for her blindly and pays the price.

25 min.

Directed by Siena Sewon Jun
Starring Victor Boneva, Darlene Garcia
Lithophone: Basalt of Amboy (2020) 

Basalt, salvaged clock movement hammer, nema 14 stepper motor, arduino uno, piezo mic, MDF, armature wire

I made a musical instrument with basalt from the Amboy Crater and arduino-powered clock arms. 
Edifice Orifice / Faire son trou (2019)

Inkjet print
Photo series with sound

This residency project took place in Klein Warnow, Karstädt. The installation was on view at Grüntaler 9 in Berlin that summer.

Passage (2019)

14 min.

Video with live performance by Linda Leigh

El Rincon (2019)

Inkjet print
Photo series